Curriculum Vitae


Born in Amsterdam the Netherlands, moving  to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in my teens, where I was welcomed by the overwhelming nature.  The breathtaking Rocky Mountains, and lakes as big as oceans!  A few years later while living in Vancouver, British Columbia these feelings of awe and reverence became further intensified and focused living and breathing as I did among the incredible abundance of nature all around . In particular, the sheer energy and strength of color and form in their ever-changing combinations, became a focal point. 

Discovering  great  artists such as Emily Carr,  Georgia O'Keefe and Niki de Saint Phalle who all used a powerful combination of strength,  form and color in their works, left an incredible impression on me as well.

Years later I returned back to the Netherlands  I brought back with me these powerful and intense emotions locked up inside of me.

After having met Willem van Oijen from Bevo glass studio, a period of drawing and painting ensued, liberating and interpreting all these so treasured stored images and thoughts.

Willem van Oijen asked me  to join him and his team at his glass studio in Amsterdam,  the next step seemed very obvious, the magical material glass was at hand. The interest for deep relief sand-carving and working with colored glass used in glass application work were the most appealing techniques at first.

Working with a kiln one day " fired" the interest in fusing colored glass.

This technique enabled me to express into form, the impressions and expressions of the sensation of fusing colors and shapes in various combinations, as it happens naturally in nature all the time.

But for several  years now I am drawn to making sculptures in cire perdue. Making a clay or wax model, the various molds that have to be made before the actual firing and preparing of the kiln. The suspense, the waiting period before the piece can be taking out of the kiln, the 3 dimentionality of the pieces, the directness, strength and radiance are both spectacular as exciting for me.

The aspect of applying color has not changed.  What has changed though is the subject and  the background thought that i depicted herein are on a different plane.

The changing and hardening society and the indifference which one presents itself is striking.

In my works I try to create a setting with a “twist”  in which I  portray situations confronting the beholder with these issues.

Professional Experience:

Member of Artist Association Verening Amstelland Kunstenaars and since 2018 member of the events committee

2005Coordinating / Support in Transport & Set-up of Exhibition

Arts – Place – Contemporary Art – in Todi (Italy)

2004Organizer / coordinator of the special “traveling exhibition  Contemporary Dutch Art in Glass –Bratislava-Budapest-Vienna from July 2004 through January 2005

2002Co-organizer/coordinator of the special exhibition:

Glassmovement .nl “Contemporary Art in Glass”

In the Municipal Archives Amsterdam

2001Co-founder and member of the board of artist’s association

2001Hungarian Glass Symposium, Bardudvarnok (Hungary),

invited to work as guest artist at symposium

2000Co-organizer/coordinator Art in Glass Exhibition in Gallery LKV,  Leidschendam

2000   la Verrerie dÁrt – Claret (France), invited to work as guest artist at exhibition

1990 -full time Education, Training and Working – experience at Bevo glass-art studio Amsterdam by Mr. W.v.Oyen sr. Glass Artist –Glacier – teacher


2019    Galerie Polhus, Nijkerk

            Glas Galerie Aventurijn, Epe

            Gallery McSorley, s’Gravenland

2018    GlassArt Fair Leerdam

            Gallery McSorley,s’Gravenland


                Exhibition EEN VAK APART

                Museum Jan van de Togt, Amstelveen

                Exhibition Schilderen met licht

                Galerie LeTintelo, Haaksbergen

                Glasrijk Tubbergen


                Exhibition: “Who would have thought it”

                20 years Glass Museum Alter Hof Herding

                10 years Glass Depot Höltingshof

                Letter Berg 38, 48653 Coesfeld, Germany

                Glass gallery de Aventurijn

                Internationale Expositie Ovengevormd Glas 2016 Museum Heerenveen

                               Kilnformed Glass on Tour 2016 Exhibition at Museum Heerenveen

EYE - CANDY  Group exhibition

                              Gallery Anita Ammerlaan, Roosendaal

Galerie de Ruimte  in Geldrop presents the Stock collection exhibition from Villa des Beaux Artss


            Ernsting Stiftung, Glasmuseum Alterhof Herding New acquisitions 2014 Germany

            AD Gallery, Human Image group exhibition Antwerp, Belgium

            (Willem van Oijen, Simsa Cho and Gerhard Ribka

            Glasrijk Tubbergen, Tubbergen the Netherlands


27th Anniversary Exhibition, Braggiotti Gallery, Amsterdam   

                  Glass Art Fair Leerdam

Group exhibition at Sille Kunst Art Gallery,  Oudewater

               Group exhibition International exhibition sculptural glass, Kiln-formed glass                         


               Group exhibition  “ Glas der Niederlande, at the Glas Museum Immenhausen,                                   

               Immenhausen (D)

               Amsterdam Maker Festival with Willem van Oijen and Jelena Popadic, Amsterdam



25+ Anniversary Exhibition Braggiotti Gallery, Amsterdam

    Kiln formed glass International exhibition sculptural glass, Joure

     25th Jubilee Glass Art Fair Leerdam, Leerdam

             Art Route Aalsmeer with VAK Artists Association, Aalsmeer

    Time travelers IV group exhibition Gallery Acid-Test, Hoofdplaat

     Group exhibition Diepenheim “KunstMoment Diepenheim Gallery Karin Hodes,                                        

     Group exhibition City Museum Leidschendam/Voorburg, Voorburg


Looking through the glass on a sunny afternoon exhibition

Avk gallery Amsterdam

Open Poortendag Buggenum

Duo exhibition

Kiln formed glass exhibitionJoure

former Douwe Egberts factory

group exhibition


    Brak artists association gallery Voorburg

    groups exhibition

    Glass Gallery LeerdamLeerdam

    group exhibition

    KPMG building groups exhibition

    AVK artists association,Amstelveen



    Braggiotti Gallery, Amsterdam

    Primavera Kunstbeurs Rotterdam, Art Collection Gooilust

    Art Collection Gooilust, s’Gravenland   


    Gallery Bellas Artes, Kerkwerve

    Kunstschouw / Bellas Artes,Kerkwerve


    Glass Gallery Leerdam,Leerdam


    De Boesner Salon, Boesner, Amsterdam

    Anniversary Exhibition TGK, Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock (Germany)

    Gallery terBeek, Echternerbrug

    GlasHART 2008, Fort Vuren,Vuren  (installation)

             Gallery Leon Salet,Maastricht (duo)



   Art Gallery  Gooilust, ‘s-Gravenland

   BBK Open Studio route, Amsterdam

            Gallery Loes Reek, Alkmaar

   Glass Art Fair 2007 Leerdam, Leerdam

   Museum for flat glass - enamel art, Ravenstein

            Gallery “het Gouden Schepel”, Doesburg

   Carl’s Studio, Amsterdam


Arts Place, members exhibition, Amsterdam

De Aventurijn Kunstbemiddeling, “Glass and Glass”, Epe

BRAK-LKV, members exhibition, Voorburg

Gallery des Beaux Arts, Heeze

De Aventurijn Kunstbemiddeling, “Jewelry”, Epe

Municipal Building, Exhibition “Glas Natuurlijk”, Epe

Open Studio’s – Amsteleiland, Amstelveen

Anniversary Exhibition “De Nieuwe Garde & Jonge Gasten”

Museum Jan van der Togt, Amstelveen

Klaas Gubbels pavilion, Beesd

Uitmarkt, de Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

Glass Art Fair 2006 Leerdam, Leerdam


Gallery de Aventurijn, Epe

Holland Art Fair

         represented by Gallery M & C, Overveen

Gallery M & C, Overveen

Glass Museum, Schiedam

Het Koetshuis Hoeve Vruchtenberg, Art for Kids, Rich-Art Bemiddeling

Het Koetshuis Hoeve Vruchtenberg, Bloem, Bloem, Rich-Art Bemiddeling

         Glass-Art Fair Leerdam 2005, Leerdam


Gallery M & C,Holland Art Fair The Hague

Glass Gallery “de Aventurijn”,Epe

Gallery Hofstee,Schiedam

Glass Art Fair,Horn / Gallery Terbeek

Glass Gallery ArteModa Leon Salet,  Maastricht (duo)

  Glass Art Fair Leerdam,Special presentation

Gallery Terbeek,Kropswolde

Saga,The Haque (duo)

          Invited to design the Annual Year -  Object 2004 Glass Art Fair Leerdam,

Duo commission with Willem van Oijen

Dutch Glass Art at Nordstan,Gőtenburg (Sweden)

Concours dÉlegance/Gallery de Aventurijn, Palace Het Loo, Apeldoorn, travelling Exhibition Dutch Glass Art in Central Europe

         Mestske Muzeum, Bratislava (Slovenia)

         Űvegpiramid Galeria, Budapest (Hungary)

         Gallery Neusser, Vienna, (Austria)


Gallery “Het Gouden Schepel”,  Doesburg (solo)

Art – in – Ahoy,  Art Fair,  Rotterdam

Gallery “Het Oude Raadhuis”, Burgh Haamstede

Gallery Hartman & Hartman,  Gorinchem

Glass Art Fair 2003, Leerdam

v. Leeuwen Optiek,  Delft

Glass Museum Hoogeveen,  Hoogeveen

Gallery Hofstee,   Schiedam

Genootschap KunstLiefde,  Utrecht

Gallery M & C, Overveen

Gallery LKV, Leidschendam


Gallery Articoll,  Hoogezand  (solo)

          Kunst – in – Ahoy Art Fair,  Rotterdam “Contemporary Art in Glass

Special group-exhibition during GAS conference 2002

Municipal Archive, Amsterdam

Gallery Leon Salet Arte Moda,  Maastricht

          Special Royal Leerdam Crystal Objects

Glass Art Fair, Leerdam

Gallery Bogaard Art,  Helmond

City Gallery,  Woudrichem

Gallery LKV,  Leidschendam


Gallery “de Stijlkamer”, Zandvoort

Kunst-in-Ahoy Fair,  Rotterdam

Special Glass Art Exhibition,

Blown Glass from Amsterdam with R. Price

Museum Jan van der Togt,     Amstelveen

Kunstpaviljoen,     Nieuw – Roden

Gallery Nell Heins,  Wijk en Aalburg

Int. Glass Symposium, Bardudvarnok,  (Hungary)


Gallery Nell Heins,  Wijk en Aalburg

Gallery Yorash,  Valkenburg

Gallery Bon Ton, Helmond

Glass Art Fair “Glass in Historich Licht”2000

Horn Castle,  Horn

L’Exposition Verriers Contemporains de Hollande

La Verriere d’ Art de Claret,  Claret  (France)

Gallery Amber,  Limmen

Glass Art Fair Leerdam 2000, Leerdam

LKV,  Greenpark Hotel,  Leidschendam


Gallery LKV,    Leidschendam

Gallery Arts Place, Weteringschans, Amsterdam

          Gallery Vromans,   Amsterdam


Gallery Arts Place, Spuistraat Amsterdam

Holland Art Fair 1999 The Hague / City Gallery Woudrichem

City Gallery Woudrichem. Woudrichem

LKV, City Hall, Leidschendam

Flora Design 1999 Nijkerk / Gallery Arts Place

Glass Art Fair, Leerdam 1999

Artiade Art Fair / Gallery Arts Place, Cathedral Alkmaar

LKV, Anniversary Exhibition, Damiaan Church Leidschendam

Decofa 1999 Art Fair / Gallery Arts Place, Apeldoorn


Gallery Verboog, Leerdam

Meditation Centre Ludgerus Church, Dronten

Holland Art Fair 1998 The Hague / City Gallery Woudrichem

Gallery Arts Place, Amsterdam

Disegno Tré, Amsterdam

          Gallery LKV, Leidschendam

Glass Art Fair, Hoogeveen

Decofa 1998 Art Fair / Gallery Arts Place, Apeldoorn


Bevo Glass Art Studio, Amsterdam

Gallery de Bokketerp, Krimpen a/d Ijssel


Arti et Industriae / Brak-LKV

Association of friends of Modern Glass

VAK Amstelveense Kunstenaars vereniging

Collections:several private collections

La Verrerie d ‘Art, Claret (Fr)

Glass Centre Bàdubükk, Bardudvarnok  (Hun)

Glass museum Ernsting Stiftung, Coesfeld Lette

Immenhausen Glassmuseum, Immenhausen, Germany


Glas Lexicon

Cataloque Annual  Glass Art Fair Leerdam 1999,2000,2004,2005,2006,2007/2013/2018

Glass mag. Glassbulletin, nr.4/1998, nr2.+nr3./2000, nr2./2004, nr3./2004,nr3./2004,1999, 2000, 2003

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Cataloque: Gefascineerd door Glas – 41 European Glass Artist in Doesburg – De Glazen Eeuw part 3, Cataloque Nieuwe Garde & Jonge Gasten

Cataloque VAK Members Exhibition

Cataloque Ovengevormd glas Joure 2012 & 2013

Villa dArte augustus/september 2013

Television commercial for Art & Culture exhibition Kiln formed glass Joure 2013

2015 Edition of Fjoezz glass magazine, front cover and story inside